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I don’t know anyone in business who would tell me they would rather chase after clients versus attracting them. How is that possible though? You were probably brought up with the pushy in your face marketing technique, in hopes that you may get a few qualified leads out of the effort. Bad news, the old way of marketing is dead. These days the average consumer is much more intelligent than ever before and you have to break away from the norm in order to get recognized.

A Change of Mentality

Inbound marketing is basically everything you’ve ever thought you knew about marketing, flipped completely on its head. This process will allow your brand to attract qualified traffic instead of wasting your teams time, energy and budget throwing an outbound message to thousands of people who could really care less about what you do. Instead lets move that energy towards using the inbound marketing technique. It simply attracts clients that already desire the value of your product or service like a magnet by using tools such as Content, Social Media, and Search engine optimization.

Plan Ahead or Fail

When attempting a system like this, a set marketing plan is absolutely a must have. Every business either thrives or dies by its brand which is why it is crucial to identify your brands goals. Once you understand where you want your brand to be then move to establishing the challenges that currently stand in your way from achieving that goal. One issue most company’s have is their target audience. If you are reaching a properly targeted audience they will become the consumers of your business, an envoy of your message, and the voice of your brand.

Catch Their Attention

Lets talk about what is at the core of all inbound marketing campaigns, content and value. Sound simple? Its not. The truth is you have about five seconds once a potential client opens your website to clearly display not only what you do but why you do it. Thats it. Not only do you have to focus on an engaging message with an emotional response to what your selling, but it needs to be reached by all possible targeted audiences. Chances are with the society we currently live in your desired audience isn’t just opening your website on a typical computer, but by a multitude of capable devices, which is why it is essential that your message can adapt to cater to each one of them.

Make it Findable!

Search engine optimization (SEO), plays a huge roll in a successful inbound marketing approach. SEO increases your site visibility and content using keywords that help your brand establish a rank through search results. Lets break down the simplicity of it, the higher ranked your content or site is in a search engine’s list the better chance more qualified leads looking for not just a product but a value that you can deliver will come knocking at your door. Remember that clients don’t just purchase a product, they buy into the value of it, of your team, and what it stands for as a whole. With this inbound marketing technique it makes it much more simple for people to find the value that you have to offer versus just a product.

We understand this all may sound overwhelming but thats why we’re here.

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