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Engaging Local Customers Online

For many small businesses the web seems too impersonal and open to have a local impact. However websites are no longer the static online brochures we saw 10 years ago. Today there are infinite ways to get the information your customers want, in front of them efficiently. This not only drives business, but saves time and effort which means there is an instant return on investment.

Establish Your Goal

Lets use a hypothetical situation to explain exactly what I mean. Say you are the proud owner of “Joe’s Cafe” nestled in a fairly commercial area in the suburbs. Every day you have a number of people coming in for lunch. You run daily specials to entice your customers to keep coming back, as well as invite some local musicians to perform on occasion. Currently you post your specials on the wall for customers to read when they come in, however you are looking for other ways to inform your customers.

Goal-Oriented Solutions

It can be hard to justify the expense of having a new website designed and developed without knowing exactly how you will see those funds return. For this reason it is absolutely crucial to decide the mission behind a new website. The internet is a tool for delivering information, and as such needs to be utilized in the most effective way. If you can update your website quickly and easily you will have more luck keeping visitors coming back right? So¬† as the owner of Joe’s Cafe a redesign that will allow you to update your website with your specials, events, performers, etc will give your customers a centralized place to learn about whats new. If you can also update photos from events, post recipes or cooking tips, you can turn your website into a fun little place where your customers (and potential customers) become engaged in your brand.

Sending Information Directly to Customers

Now that Joe’s Cafe can provide updated information to customers without requiring them to physically be in the store, the ball is rolling. But there is only one issue, we need to make this information as easily available as possible! Of course its already on your website, but we want them to be reminded about the delicious sandwiches you serve for lunch…

Coupling your new dynamic website with a service like Twitter is a perfect solution for this situation. You can send a text message (or use the web) to your Twitter account with your special of the day. This “tweet” is then posted to your Twitter page, and can be displayed on your website. The beauty of this is not only the ease of updating your website, but interested customers can subscribe to text message alerts on their phone when you send out your specials. After you promote this service, imagine having the ability to send a text message and personally notify 50% of your semi-regular customers and update your website at the same time. How much more likely are they to come in after reading “Pastrami and Swiss on special for $3.99 today at Joe’s Cafe!” while they are hungry?

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